It started with a simple tweet:

@jenyockney: i fear in this day and age, a bisexual manifesto should be under 140 characters, including the #bisexualmanifesto tag.

While the bisexual manifesto being written following a workshop at London BiCon is still being worked on, the tweeters set to work on a shorter, snappier alternative…

Alice is a bisexual waif, she wants a husband *and* a wife 😉  agquarx

Love is about what’s in your hearts, not your underwear.   wench

I am not half gay, nor am I half lesbian. I am 100% Bisexual.  redbuttongirl

Bisexual: a preference, not a problem!  (anonymous, by email)

Humans Are Sexy #bisexualmanifesto [shamelessly stolen from someone else whose tweets are protected so i won’t say who]  aimee

We are attracted to more than one gender. We aren’t necessarily promiscuous. We don’t need to make up our mind.   sermoa

We aren’t more confused, greedy, indecisive or lustful than anyone else. We like people based on personality not gender.  star_brow

we believe that lust is more important than anatomy.   darellebunny

We’re here, we may or may not define as queer, and we don’t have a hyphen.   purplerabbits

What you have between your legs doesn’t matter. What you have between your ears does  star_brow

VisiBIlity bi any means neccessary. We won’t stop punning till you can see us, bi the way  purplerabbits

bisexual women are bisexual women – not your sexual fantasy..   bi_sides