Bi Visibility Breakthrough!

This originally appeared in BCN issue 103.

This year’s Bi Visibility Day in September was a remarkable success with ten events around the UK, ranging from community centres with programmes of workshops to friendly meet-ups in pubs, from quiz nights to erotic storytelling.  Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Winchester all hosted events.  The dedicated “september23” website which carries information about events in the UK reported ten times the on-the-day traffic this year that it had in 2009.

There were reports or guests talking about the date on many radio stations too: it seems to be an idea whose time has now come.

Each year since 1999 the bi community has marked 23rd September as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day – or more recently as Bi Visibility Day.  The change in branding reflected one problem of the old name: it’s hard to come up with an event that definitely celebrates bisexuality, as opposed to doing something that helps raise visibility – which could be as simple as wearing a pin-badge or as visual as launching a hundred purple balloons outside your town hall.

There was lots going on abroad too, including BiSocialNetwork launching their “I Am Visible” campaign with a twelve month plan to roll it out online and in the real world to challenge bi invisibility in the USA.

So, this year we hit a new high – up from six events last year.  No doubt next year we can do even better!

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