USA gets first openly bi Senator

Kyrsten Sinema’s bid to become the first openly bisexual member of the USA’s Senate has been declared a success at last.

The US ‘midterm’ elections saw the Democrats gain nearly 40 seats in the House to take control from the Republicans, but the Republicans made gains which looked set to increase their narrow hold on power in the Senate.  But the last three states to declare have still been working out their results days after polls closed.

Arizona took nearly a week to declare as the result was so close – but now as the last votes have been tallied Kyrsten has pulled far enough ahead to be clear winner.

Congratulations Kyrsten!

Elsewhere, in California Katie Hill was elected to the US House of Representatives, an out-bi woman gaining a seat from the Republicans as a Democrat candidate.  It was another close result, as she won her seat with 83,662 votes to her rival’s 79,545.  And Nebraska saw its first openly bisexual senator at state level – congratulations to Megan Hunt on her result there.