Back to Worcester…

The biggest bi event of the British year, BiCon, has been hosted at a new venue each year for a long time.  This year it went back to a past haunt – the 2005 BiCon venue in Worcester.  With some 230+ people attending it was a big busy event, and the out-of-town campus space seemed to give it a more relaxed feel.  BCN held another photo shoot so have another year’s worth of BCN cover stars – thanks to Jen, Katie and Emma for sorting that session out.

The Outsider’s View

A BiCon Community Day stall-holder’s take on visiting this year’s event.
As we, Worcestershire LINk, failed to make the cover of the Community Day Delegate’s Pack, maybe I was not alone in coming to the event late in the day.  I will admit that I was uncertain what my reception would be at what promised to be both a fascinating and challenging day out.

The LINk staff had equipped me with a full range of presentation material and a generous supply of goodies, the organisers chipped in with a splendid table, three chairs and a pleasant corner site. The first of many further pleasantries was a voucher to spend in the refectory or a coffee shop against the cost of refreshments.

My ignorance was exposed by my total lack of familiarity with the abbreviation LGBT but if I took the B to represent the event organisers the rest fell easily into place. I was aware that Pride was an umbrella for a diversity of sexuality but was truly ignorant of who and/or what sheltered within or outside that umbrella.

I’m sorry that it has taken three paragraphs to say that I had a wonderful day, which ended so quickly when Ann, our chair, arrived to collect me. What made the day special:

  •     Firstly the friendliness of both the organisers and delegates.
  •     The wide spectrum of organisations present and displaying their support.
  •     Being invited to take an active part in the afternoon forums. The different and passionately held viewpoints were thought provoking and I hope that my sometimes divergent ideas were positive and helpful.  The cliché about the outsider possibly getting a clearer view is oft times true.  I would have liked to attend both Sessions A & B having experience in both Health and Community.

Thank you for inviting Worcestershire LINk and welcoming me to your conference’s Community day. We would welcome an opportunity to join with you again in 2010. Conversely we would welcome your input into your local LINk’s activity and if you per chance live in Worcestershire, Vera Lynn said it all.
‘We’ll meet again…’

David Montague-Smith.
Worcs. LINk Participant