Another bi group closes

A third bi group has closed down in 2018 – following the loss of Colchester and Newcastle, as the year drew to a close the Staffordshire bi group has called its meetings to an end.

Groups provide a rare opportunity for many people – to be in a space and amongst people where being bisexual is the norm, and where pretty much whichever way you are ‘being bi’ you won’t be told that you are doing bisexuality wrong. The internet is a great way to find information and sometimes to share your hopes, fears and experiences, but for many people real world meetings have an extra bit of tangibility and human .

While there are big events like BiCon and BiFest, it’s the local groups that provide that space through the rest of the year, and usually closer to home for attendees as well.

Check our resources page for some ideas if you’re planning to start a new local bi group – and maybe talk to one or two of the longer-established local bi groups to find out what is working for them.