Letters 108

One from the editor…

Dear BCN Readers,
There’ll be no BCN ‘summer special’ this year
Each year since 2003 there has been a freebie BCN for everyone attending BiCon – often a ‘summer special’ bringing together the best bits of BCN from the previous year, along with a few hardy perennials that people often seem to want at BiCon (flirting for beginners, for example!).
Last summer we did an extra large print run to reach the bumper sized BiCon that London hosted thanks to being combined with the International and BiReCon.  Sadly this didn’t lead to a boost in BCN’s circulation, so this time around we’re taking it easy and helping our books rebalance.
However, you will still get a BCN subs form in your welcome goodies – along with an envelope so you can renew in person in cash and drop it off at the reception desk if you can’t find the BCN team about the place: if your subscription is due and you’re coming to BiCon, it’s probably the easiest way to sort it out. Paying in person also saves us postal and card processing fees!
Many thanks to the BiCon team for sorting this one out for us.