BiCon tickets go on sale

BiCon 2019’s tickets have gone on sale.

The annual bi convention comes to Lancaster for the first time this summer – it goes to a different city every year having started back in 1984.

A change to the pricing structure sees prices – which are on a sliding scale according to income – relate to ‘disposable income’ rather than gross income, a change reflecting things like the different cost of living situations of people according to where in the country they live, and whether they live alone.

Weekend passes including accommodation start from £140 and run up to £240, with a higher band for people whose attendance is sponsored or paid for by an employer.

Passes without accommodation start at £40 and run up to £90.

So far day or part-weekend passes are not on sale.

BiCon is on the weekend of 1 – 4 August 2019.  More information about it is online here.