Academics Gather To Talk Bi

This originally appeared in BCN issue 100.

Academics Gather to talk bi

This year’s BiReCon team tell us: registration is now open for BiReCon 2010 and the subsequent BiCon event.  Please book soon to ensure yourself a place!  Read these notes carefully to find out how to book if you are attending just BiReCon and if you want to stay for the full convention.

The provisional programme for BiReCon is at the end of this email and will be updated in months to come on the biuk and bicon 2010 websites (see and In addition to the keynote talks we have an exciting range of international presentations and workshops on topics from bisexuality in the cinema and queer/bi
activism to bis in the workplace and bi mental health issues.

If you wish to register online please complete the online format  then make a bank transfer or paypal payment to the account given at the end of the process.

If you are booking for BiReCon only then we recommend you book on-site accommodation for the night before (the Wednesday) so that you can be there on time for the morning (unless you are living or staying with people in London).

If you are booking for BiReCon and staying for the rest of the BiCon conference then please DON’T book accommodation for BiReCon but go to the additional registration pages for BiCon (once you have booked BiReCon) and there you will be able to book accommodation for the entire event.

Alternatively you can work out the cost of registration and accommodation yourself and book by cheque and in writing at the address given on

BiReCon is £100 professional/academic rate and £50 student rate.  If you have any problem with the bookings then please email [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you on August 26th and will keep you updated in the coming months.

Meg Barker and Christina Richards (BiReCon organisers, [email protected])

BiReCon Programme

26th August 2010

10.00-10.30 – Registration
10.30-10.45 – Welcome: Christina Richards and Meg Barker
10.45-11.15 – Keynote talk: Steven Angelides – The history of bisexuality
11.20-12.35 – Presentations
12.40-1.10 – Keynote talk: Robyn Ochs – Getting Bi
1.10-1.50 – Lunch
1.50-2.20 – Keynote talk: Serena Anderlini D’Onofrio – Gaia & the New Politics of Love: Notes for a ‘Bi’ Planet
2.25-3.25 – Workshop 1
3.35-4.35 – Workshop 2
4.40-5.10 – Keynote talk: Jonathan Alexander – The challenges of bisexual scholarship
5.10-5.45 – Panel discussion: John Sylla (American Institute of Bisexuality) and keynote speakers – The future of bisexual research and theory
5.45-evening – Conference end, socialising