BCN 100!

This originally appeared in BCN issue 100.

Gosh, issue 100.  A bit of a mental landmark, nearly 15 years after we launched.  Really it doesn’t mean anything more than 103 or 97 but it’s got to be good for those arguments about bisexuality being real or transitory, that we’ve had a magazine run for a decade and a half and over a hundred editions.

Bi Community News came about from a workshop held at BiCon 1995, after a previous bi title BiFrost had ceased publishing.  We set out with a very simple and broad mission: “there shall be a bisexual newsletter / magazine, and it shall not print poetry”.  That poetry rule got challenged a while ago when we had an interview with singer and radio presenter Tom Robinson, complete with some snatches of his song lyrics.  If it rhymes but it comes complete with a tune, does it dodge the poetry bullet enough?  The spirit of the rule from what I can tell though was that we should not ‘pad out’ the publication with lots of white space around poetry.

Of course, there will be those who point out that this isn’t the 100th edition.  There have been others in addition to numbers 1-100: half a dozen BiCon special editions which

usually mixed old and new content; the Manchester-only editions when local funding there let us distribute BCN free in the city; and while the first BCN was issue 1, we produced an edition before that called “Issue Zero” complete with a ballot paper to decide what the title of the magazine should be.

But it says 100 on the cover, and that’s what people will notice.  Happy unbirthday BCN!