Want to help make ICB9 happen?

This originally appeared in BCN issue 75.

As reported in BCN issue 73, the 9th International Conference on Bisexuality is to be held from June 15-18 2006, in Toronto, Canada.

The Toronto Bisexuality Education project is taking charge of workshop proposals for ICB9 and have issued their first call for workshop proposals.

International Bi Conferences are somewhat more formal than UK BiCons, with more of an activist slant and less content designed to welcome people who are new to bisexuality or just coming out.

The goals of the conference are to strengthen

connections between international bisexual activists, to exchange views
and strategies and to share challenges and successes. The conference aims to move beyond the introductory level to
address issues in depth, and session proposals should assume that the majority of the audience comes with a strong familiarity with bisexuality.

Contact: [email protected] or for more information about the conference see http://www.9icb.org