A Fabulous Weekend Away

This originally appeared in BCN issue 75.

The biggest bi festival of the year, BiCon is another year older and getting deep into it’s mid-20s.  Worcester being off the beaten track compared to London and Manchester, attendance was down a little on the last two years, though some attendees made sterling efforts to recruit the sporty boys and barbershop quartets with whom we were sharing the accomodation blocks.

The usual packed daytime workshop programme covered everything from flirting-for-beginnners to bi-event-running-for-bi-event-runners.  Decision making plenaries after the long debates at the last Manchester BiCon were sensibly moved off to separate sessions.

There was a CoverBis workshop for the third year running, from which many of the photos in our BiCon spread here are taken.  The idea behind these sessions is to produce photos which can be used for any bi awareness work in future, whether flyers, leaflets, websites or BCN covers.  As such don’t be surprised if you see some of these images on the front of the magazine in months to come.

The third outing of the DIY Disco was less successful in attracting discs than the first two – though it was well worth experimenting with the basic formula.  The main Saturday night bash, the Time Travellers Ball, linked music from broadly one decade to another with Dr Who tardis noises to mark the end of one set and the start of another.  And the final night’s karaoke had some performances that will live on in BiCon legend (and if rumours of them having been videoed are true, also the darker corners of the internet).

There was mostly good weather, and there were places to lounge about in the sun.  Something I don’t remember BiCon having before was the designated “meet and mingle” areas, where you could be a bit less shy about talking to strangers than might otherwise be the case.

There was more of a community market space than last year at Manchester.  Bi Community News were there of course, with a freebie special BiCon edition (don’t panic dear reader, being a best-of our subscribers had read it all before) selling resubscriptions and the bi calendar, while Bike Immunity News offered an alternative take on the bi scene and other stalls offered badges, books and teeshirts.

Next BiCon will be

in Glasgow in July.  See www.bicon2006.org.uk for details or watch future issues of BCN.  There is a even a tentative bid to take the 2007 gathering to Hereford.

Photos in print edition: Ange / Jen