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Pride and Profit

London hosted EuroPride at the start of July bringing a major boost to one of the two biggest Pride events in the UK (competing with Manchester each year for the prize).  The new London Bisexuals banner flew alongside the BiFest banner, both reinforcing the “wear purple for Pride” theme that had been arranged beforehand.  A stall afterwards helped get the […]

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BiCrushing: Distractions

Midnight in July, chez Maxine. I’m off to bed, and tonight’s choice of suitably downtempo bedtime music is Suzanne Vega.  Not particularly hip I know, but give the woman some credit: even after twenty years in the business she sounds fresher and more exciting than the half-her-age Katie Melua, and besides, my Amazon copy of the new album from bang-on-the-pulse […]

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Four more slices of Cake

The second bi community Cake Awards were presented at the closing plenary of Glasgow BiCon.   Our warm congratulations and thanks for all they do for the movement to award-winning activists, David, Meg, Camel and Alison (pictured in print edition from left in that order, with awards compere Ian).  Over the coming months we hope to feature them as BiMates […]

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BiCon First Timer’s Diary

Tuesday, July 11th. 11.00 Apprehensive. No. Apprehensive doesn’t even begin to cover it. Petrified is more like it. Filled with an unholy terror. Curious, intrigued, restive and excited too, But mainly just petrified. It’s two days before BiCon, and I’m feeling all of the above and then some. There’s the usual travel related panic, of course, which is centered largely […]

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