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Bis at Prides: Oldham and Scotia

Oldham A contingent of Manchester bisexuals ventured to Oldham for its sixth annual Pride festival on Saturday 31 July.  To my knowledge we were all new to it and I for one wasn’t sure what to expect, having only been to the purse-emptying behemoth of bacchanalia that is Manchester Pride. Oldham Pride proved to be small and friendly, welcoming and […]

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BiCon Vanilla Fudge

For the past couple of years, I have brought a box of home-made fudge to BiCon.  The recipe is the long-lost recipe of my mother’s; she used to make it for, among other things, the ALC stall to sell at the Liberal Party conference. It’s ‘long-lost’ because it was written on the inside of a cupboard door in our kitchen, […]

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