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What Bisexuals Want (Part 2)

Following on from the report last issue, BCN wasn’t the only place that the 3 wishes project looked into your hopes and aspirations for the bi community.  These are the answers from Greater Manchester… A bi-village like Canal Street  A mainstream bisexual magazine  A bi club where you can openly be bi  An all-inclusive sex shop for bis, ie Clone […]

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Local Groups Round-Up

Although in the same city the new Bi Underground monthly bar night is thriving, in short  succession two of the most long-standing bi groups have closed their doors, both in London. First, at the end of 2003, the London SM Bisexual group closed. A long established group that once had a diary planned out months in advance and a chunky […]

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Discrimination At Work (It’s So Over)

“Discrimination at work – It’s so  over”, pamphlet by Stonewall, 2004, 8 pages New laws mean you don’t have to put up with grief over your sexual orientation. Not anymore. So begins Stonewall’s slender A6 pamphlet, making clear the effects on employment practice of the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003. It details the three kinds of grief (direct and […]

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BiWatch: April 2004

It’s been quite a busy month for references to bisexuality in the media this month, not just because of all the publicity about the bisexuality of the lady (Wild! Bisexual! party girl!!! – if publicity is to be believed) who apparently briefly wooed Beckham from his Victoria. I’ve had to just pick a few, so if you want to know […]

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A Sense of Direction

At the recent Bi Activism Weekend in Milton Keynes, we spent much of the weekend discussing where our bisexual communities are heading, what our aims are (or should be), how we fit in with other groups, and how we might move forward in terms of meeting some of our aims. Laurence summarised the various strategies that a social movement like […]

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The conference planning committee of the 8th International BiCon have announced the keynote speakers for this summer’s conference. Makoto Hibino: Born in 1967 as a MtM, Makoto Hibino is now living as MtX transgender. Makoto has been a bi activist since 1995. In 1999 Makoto published To Be and/or Not to Be Bisexual which remains at the forfront of books […]

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