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Help press for better relationship education

The Department for Education is considering how to update the Sex and Relationship guidance given to schools. It was last updated in 2000, and is therefore now out of date to put it mildly – imagine how much change there has been in that time whether sexting, cyberbullying, social media or the wider awareness of non-binary identities like bisexual, enbee […]

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A new twist on blood donation

Around the world countries have been wrestling with blood donation regulations for the last few years. Lifetime bans on bi and gay men donating blood were widely introduced in the 1980s in response to the first cases of HIV/AIDS, and have come to be seen as discriminatory as the intial panic calmed down, and treatments and detection improved. But incidence […]

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Bad week all round in politics

It’s been a trying week all round in UK politics. For the Conservatives, Prime Minister Theresa May held a cabinet reshuffle – there hadn’t been one in a few weeks and it passes the time while we shamble towards Brexit. Alas for her the existing minister for LGBT issues, Justine Greening, didn’t want to be moved to the role of […]

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Same-sex marriage poll shows sharp party divide

A big gap in attitudes to same-sex marriage between members of different parties is shown in a survey of political party members’ attitudes, Grassroots, Britain’s Party Members [PDF 1,755KB], published by the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London this week. Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP members all support the measure by a huge margin, with more than 4 […]

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Google’s turn to get in ‘bi ban’ trouble. Again.

Less than year on from YouTube’s ban on bisexual content, owner Google have managed to get into hot water over bisexuality once again. American bi organisation BiNetUSA had their google advertising campaign suspended by the search giant for using rude words – “bisexual” and “gay”. Remarkably in 2018 these were deemed to be sexually explicit words and therefore inappropriate. The […]

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