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Crowd-Sourcing Bi History

February is LGBT History Month and Manchester kicks off a couple of days early with a volunteering evening to add to the Bisexual History Project’s timeline of dates from bi history. Bring your laptop along and join in a collaborative evening to seek out more bisexual history from the internet and add it to the bi calendar. It’s being organised […]

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Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. An unknown number, doubtless thousands, of bisexual, lesbian and gay people were killed because of their sexual orientation. This year the day’s focus is on the impact that words had in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides, through propaganda used to incite, through slogans written in resistance, and through memoirs written to record and respond to […]

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Decelerating Acceptance

The United States’ biggest LGBT rights campaign group GLAAD have published their annual “Accelerating Acceptance” report looking at American attitudes to bi, trans, gay and lesbian people. It’s based on independent Harris polling research And it’s frustrating news about the impacts of current political rhetoric under the Trump administration and after several years of incitement to LGBTphobia from politicians through […]

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Sexuality testing for asylum seekers banned

The European Court of Justice today ruled against psychological testing being used to determine sexual orientation of asylum seekers applying for sanctuary in European countries, including the UK. Their top-line ruling is that, “An asylum seeker may not be subjected to a psychological test in order to determine his sexual orientation,” the ruling states – legalese that applies regardless of […]

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LGBTI Rights are Children’s Rights: EU

A sneak preview launch in the European Parliament in Brussels tomorrow afternoon will unveil a report jointly produced by the Parliament’s working group on children’s rights and its LGBTI group. The report, “LGBTQI Inclusive Education”, is subtitled “Education responses to SOGIESC-based violence”. SOGIESC is a pretty new term, and means “sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics”. So […]

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Help press for better relationship education

The Department for Education is considering how to update the Sex and Relationship guidance given to schools. It was last updated in 2000, and is therefore now out of date to put it mildly – imagine how much change there has been in that time whether sexting, cyberbullying, social media or the wider awareness of non-binary identities like bisexual, enbee […]

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