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Chester Uni talks bi on Friday

Chester University talks bi this Friday afternoon under a “Bisexuality Untangled” banner. Bisexual Index boss Marcus Morgan and bi writer Jacq Applebee will be leading that session, with both of them appearing later in the day as performers in a reading and a magic show. Book here. The event is open to members of the general public as well as […]

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Meet the bis! March 9-15 2015

Want some bi-mates? There are lots of bi meetups going on around the country – in Bristol, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Colchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Brighton and Manchester – with something fresh every day this week. Monday is Bristol BiVisible’s regular coffee meet at Cafe Kino on Stoke’s Croft from 7pm: spot the bis by looking for the purple teapot. Tuesday evening […]

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BiCon publishes access reports

Annual Bisexual conference BiCon 2015 have published their Access report and outlined how the low-income / other needs fund will operate this year. BiCon will be held in Nottingham on the weekend of 13 – 16 August this summer. The event goes to a different city each year – recently it’s been held in London, Edinburgh, Leeds and Bradford. The […]

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MPs condemn LGBT asylum process

A cross-party report on the current state of the asylum and immigration system out today condemns failings of the current process including for bisexual and other LGBTI asylum-seekers. This includes homophobic and transphobic (and we assume biphobic – the style of reporting is not very bi and intersex inclusive beyond headlines) abuse within the detention system. “The Report of the […]

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Slovenia on the path to same-sex marriage

Another EU member state is legalising same-sex marriage. The Parliament of Slovenia has voted by 51 votes to 28 (5 abstentions) to open up marriage beyond mixed-sex couples, and to allow same-sex couples to adopt children. The bill has to be enacted by the President but with polls showing clear popular support it should become law soon.

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Catwoman too?

Hot on the heels of Clarke in The 100 being revealed as bisexual, we get another bi woman in sci-fi with Catwoman slyly coming out as bisexual in the latest edition of the DC comic. The geekier end of social media has been abuzz with it ever since – not least this poster from the people behind the Bisexual Recruitment […]

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Following the announcement that is to close from March 13th, the international web hub for Bi Visibility Day events has migrated to a new address. The old web domain will go as part of the loss of so please update links and bookmarks to The facebook page, tumblr and twitter account remain as before.

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