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Got something to say? Here are our submission guidelines.

Bi Community News welcomes unsolicited writing, photographs and illustrations – whether a one-off or as a series piece.  We are especially interested in work by or about bisexuality and / or bisexuals. Here are some submission guidelines; please do get in touch with any questions about points not covered.


We welcome articles and press release items:this includes news, comment, film, book and theatre reviews, fiction, real-life stories and interviews, and reports on and about the bi community or bi individuals. Clippings, soundbites from radio and TV and other quotes also very welcome.

Articles submitted should be in RTF format where possible. Microsoft Word can do terrible things to a file between one computer and the next.

If you are planning something more than 1800 words then please do consider getting in touch with us beforehand.

Please note that we don’t print poetry.

House Style Notes

Not everyone who reads or indeed everyone who writes for BCN is bi.

Nonetheless we assume readers have heard of bisexuality and do not need to be persuaded it is real. Similarly that common synonyms for bisexual like pansexual, omnisexual, multisexual do not need much introduction, and neither do related words like biromantic. They will have heard of the word biphobia though its many forms may be something that new readers have never seen articulated before.

We respect people’s “preferred pronoun”, because it’s not their “preference”, it’s just their pronoun.

We don’t believe in rogue hyphens and we do believe in MixedCaps, sometimes called CamelCase, where they belong. Thus BiCon not Bicon, Bi Con or bi-con. BiPhoria not Biphoria. Bisexual not bi-sexual; email not e-mail. Because it comes up surprisingly often: the first time it is written it should be Doctor Who, not Dr Who. Whereas if you are just writing about a character with a doctorate who is called Sam Who, feel free to call him Dr Who… possibly with a footnote of “not that one”!

Most readers are in the UK and a smattering elsewhere, mainly in the EU. For online versions this geographic mix is a little more varied with a bigger representation from North America, but this is a UK based magazine so that is the “here” to anywhere else’s “abroad”, with UK English spellings like “colour” reflecting this.


We welcome photo news from events with bi themes or relevance, also to illustrate written pieces (see above), and prospective coverbis to appear on the front of future editions.


Comic strips or standalone pieces are very welcome as well. If something may work as an ongoing series we ask for the first three in the sequence to be ‘in hand’ before we start publishing.


We’re happy to print, tweet etc to help with research that explores bisexuality and bi life. When contacting us about such please first check over the Bi Research Guidelines and let us know whether you’re working with those, including for example how / whether you intend to share outcomes or findings with the community. You don’t have to be working with the guidelines, but it helps to give us a better background to your research (and makes for more useful and accurate findings!)


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