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Captain Jack – Cute, Flirty, And A Bisexual Conman. . . As BCN goes to press, the new series of Doctor Who is erupting into a bisexual plot arc with new character Captain Jack Harkness (John Borrowman) joining the series part way through on a contract which apparently runs into the next season. It would seem that series producer Russell […]

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Summer BiMedia (2004)

Autumn 2004 Well, it’s been the silly season, so while most journalists have been naffing off on holiday, there’s not been an awful lot of bisexuality, or indeed of anything else substantial, in the media over the summer. There have been bits and pieces – Big Brother finished, and no, it doesn’t seem that any of ‘em were actually bisexual. […]

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BiMedia – July 2004

Corrie’s Gay ‘Breakthrough’ Kiss Sorry, haven’t we been here before? In September last year, Coronation Street pre-publicity went into overdrive, announcing that it would be screening the soap’s first ever gay kiss. As it transpired, that steamy snogfest turned out to be really quite chaste, with ‘confused’ Todd Grimshaw kissing his girlfriend’s brother on the lips while he slept after […]

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BiMedia – May 2004

Bright Beautiful Bilingual Bisexual Babe in Becks Text Sex Shocka! The news that David Beckham’s alleged lover, Rebecca Loos is openly bi has provided the widest media exposure of bisexuality certainly this year, and probably for quite some time, with over 800 stories mentioning her name since the beginning of April. As well as the huge opportunity for using lots […]

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