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Bisexuality on the rise

Statistics from the USA suggest more and more people are identifying as bisexual – while the numbers for lesbians and gay men remain fairly constant. Analysis of the US’ GSS statistics (roughly equivalent to ONS household survey data here) over the past ten years shows the number of people identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual growing across the decade, with […]

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It’s Bi Health Month

The Bisexual Resource Center (BRC), America’s oldest national bisexual organisation,  have launched the 6th annual Bisexual Health Awareness Month (#BiHealthMonth) social media campaign which will run throughout March 2019. You can learn more about #BiHealthMonth at https://bihealthmonth.org/ #BiHealthMonth, founded and led annually by the BRC, raises awareness about the bisexual+ (bi, pansexual, fluid, queer, etc.) community’s social, economic, and health […]

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Closet ten times as powerful for bis – Yougov

New research by YouGov for Stonewall published today reveals that three in ten bi men (30 per cent) and almost one in ten bi women (8 per cent), say they cannot be open about their sexual orientation with any of their friends. This is compared to just two per cent of gay men and one per cent of lesbians. That […]

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More research highlights bi experience of violence

New research from Canada confirms what we have seen elsewhere – that bisexual people are more likely to experience violence and abuse than both gay and straight people. Statistics Canada – their equivalent to our Office for National Statistics – note that “In 2014, overall, there were more than 100,000 incidents of violent victimization involving a bisexual victim and more […]

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One in three bi pupils are bullied at school over sexuality

LGBT equality group Stonewall has released guidance for secondary schools to help combat bi-erasure and biphobia. Celebrating Bi Inclusion in Secondary Schools is designed to provide specific insight into the experiences of bi young people in schools and highlight issues that bi people of all ages continue to face. Confirming what bi-specific groups have argued for more than twenty years, […]

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Different for Bis: December 2017

The latest in bisexuality research. Bi Special The Psychology of Sexualities Review devoted its Winter 2017 edition to bisexuality with a raft of interesting papers about bi research from Europe, the USA and New Zealand. The opening editorial piece reflects on a key change, observing: “In the last few years, bisexuality has become contested in rather different ways than in […]

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