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The Bi Report story – so far

Over the past two years The Bisexuality Report has put the UK bi scene on the policymaking map as never before.  At BCN we thought it was time to review its story – which starts with cornering our editor. Jen Yockney says, “It came out of years of running a local bi group in Manchester.  I’d had some small success […]

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Bi Visibility 2013

Why are we still holding bi visibility celebrations in 2013?  Surely people have got the hang of ‘the B word’ by now? We talked to Mel Berry from Brighton’s Bi Youth group about their work last autumn, which produced an eyecatching array of photos of young bis and allies celebrating bisexuality – one of which graces the back of this […]

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Brighton bis on film

Back in September I was along (and a fleetingly brief speaker, highlighting the Teach Google campaign you may have read about in a previous issue of BCN) at Brighton Bothways’ event to mark Bi Visibility Day. This was a lavish affair at the city’s main library, with lots of food and speakers from the local bi group and bi youth […]

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ILGA Europe, the European arm of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, issued a message of support for Bi Visibility Day for the first time this year.  They stated: Visibility is essential in tackling discrimination and prejudice against bisexual people as well as myths about bisexuality. During the last year, many important events took place in Europe […]

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More Bi-Visible Than Ever!

I probably said this about 2011 as well, but 2012 feels like the year Bi Visibility Day ‘broke through’. Within the community there was more going on around the UK than ever.  Events in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Salford, Sheffield, Winchester and Wolverhampton.  Probably there were some more that I’ve missed! There was a great range […]

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September 23rd: Bi Visibility Day 2012

Autumn is almost upon us and Bi Visibility Day, aka International Bisexuality Day, Bi Pride day and a host of other names. It’s like that way we can’t agree on whether the ‘con’ in BiCon means conference or convention. The date’s been marked each year since 1999, and for the thirteen years so far every year there’s been at least […]

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