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Bi Visibility Day

Summer is here and all our thoughts are on Prides near and afar, or on what we’re hoping to learn at BiReCon and talk about at BiCon. However just around the corner is the autumn and Bi Visibility Day, aka International Bisexuality Day, Bi Pride day and a host of other names. It’s like that way we can’t agree on […]

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Our Bi History

February is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History Month in the UK, with events all across the UK (it’s a leap year so we get that little bit more history this time!)  Last year there were two bi-specific events that we know of celebrating bi history, but this year we don’t know of anything especially pertinent to bis going on. […]

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How to do it… Staging a Bi Day event

Staging a bisexual awareness event or bi-day for beginners… First you need an excuse. This can be Celebrate Bisexuality Day, Valentines, raising profile of a growing local bi group, flagging up bi issues with your local LGBT organisations, or just cos you feel like it. Actually, excuses are optional. In most places there’s so little bi community stuff going on, […]

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