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Bi Bodies and BiCon

Some thoughts about bodies at BiCon 2007 One of the things that really struck me about BiCon this year was how many of the workshops had to do with bodies in some way. Of 63 workshops run during the weekend, 24 (around 40%) were in some way concerned with bodies. That’s quite striking, when you compare the number of ‘body’ […]

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Ten years of BiCon

People go to Bicon and feel accepted. Some then vow to make the rest of their lives more like Bicon. So why, given that I made that resolution 8 years ago and by 3 years ago had totally achieved it, do I still come hundreds of miles to a Bicon? Partly it’s the size – I can’t fit 300 people […]

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BiCon First Timer’s Diary

Tuesday, July 11th. 11.00 Apprehensive. No. Apprehensive doesn’t even begin to cover it. Petrified is more like it. Filled with an unholy terror. Curious, intrigued, restive and excited too, But mainly just petrified. It’s two days before BiCon, and I’m feeling all of the above and then some. There’s the usual travel related panic, of course, which is centered largely […]

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The conference planning committee of the 8th International BiCon have announced the keynote speakers for this summer’s conference. Makoto Hibino: Born in 1967 as a MtM, Makoto Hibino is now living as MtX transgender. Makoto has been a bi activist since 1995. In 1999 Makoto published To Be and/or Not to Be Bisexual which remains at the forfront of books […]

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Coventry BiCon: What Went Wrong?

The – still unpublished – BiCon 2001 accounts show that far from it breaking even as was claimed at the time, it made a loss of around £4000. Ian Watters responds to this news here, to be followed next issue by a response from the 2001 team. Remember this: I had a lovely time at BiCon 2001. At the ‘postmortem’ […]

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BiCon: Conference Policies update

Notes from an Edinburgh Bi Group workshop We started off by asking if set policies (things which should be done) and guidelines (things which should be done, if possible) were a good idea for the National Bisexual Conference and, if yes, what would they be. We were in no doubt that they were a good idea, as they would save […]

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