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BiMediaWatch Feb 2018: Dirk Gently, The Good Place & more

Last time BiMediaWatch was full of TV soap suds, so let’s start this month with bis in the (printed) press. Over in the Indian Express, Ranveer Singh talked about pushing boundaries in his recent role in the Bollywood film Padmaavat. Asked how he felt about showing the bisexual relationship between Sultan Alauddin Khilji and Malik Kafur (Jim Sarbh), he told […]

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BiMediaWatch October 2017: Legends of Tomorrow, Riverdale & Thor

Thor-ny Question The relentless run of comics being turned into films continues, and Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok (out October 27) is bisexual – though it feels a bit like when J K Rowling declared Dumbledore was gay after the last Harry Potter book was long since published. We only know about Valkyrie thanks to a tweet from the actress involved: […]

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BiMediaWatch: Summer 2017

In May Holby City gave us a classic bisexual “love triangle”. Well, more of a love vee. Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern (Lee Mead) crossed over to Holby from Casualty earlier this year, and like all good soap characters there’s past waiting to catch up. A patient turns up on the ward in whose recovery he shows a little too much interest […]

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Four Weddings and a Bisexual

Hugh Grant plays bi next year as the actor returns to British television screens for the first time since the early 1990s. He will be playing onetime Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe, who in 1979 was tried but acquitted of conspiring to murder his ex-lover Norman Scott. Written by Torchwood and Doctor Who director Russell T Davies, the drama comes to […]

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Keep Wonder Woman Bi!


An online petition has picked up over 5,000 signatures this week calling for the makers of Wonder Woman films to respect and reflect the character’s bisexuality. The petition page on Change.Org notes: Earlier this summer, Warner Brothers released their latest DC Comics franchise film Wonder Woman, and women young and old finally saw an image of themselves reflected in a […]

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BiMediaWatch August 2017

Atomic Blonde opens with David Bowie’s Cat People (Putting Out Fires). The rest of the film works hard to ingratiate itself to a bi audience too. Charlize Theron plays an MI6 agent on a mission without a James Bond array of prescient gadgetry. It’s Berlin at the end of the 80s and around us the world is on the brink […]

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