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Squeezed out: Bis in LGBT Space

Stonewall’s new report “LGBT In Britain – Home And Community” – highlights how bi people feel themselves pushed out from “LGBT” or gay scene spaces.  It is a familiar theme from what BCN readers and contributors have told us over many years; indeed, the existence of separate bi groups, events and BCN magazine itself come from exactly that problem. Because […]

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Challenge ABC’s Biphobia

End The Bi Ban challenged Google - now challenge ABC!

A petition has garnered over 500 signatures so far (update 24 hours later: 1,000) challenging the American TV network ABC over biphobia on one of its television shows. The change.org petition’s message is: End Biphobia and Bi-erasure on The Real O’Neals. Pictured: a previous petition campaign helped stop Google blocking bi results on instant search. Sara Ramirez, former star of […]

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Stonewall Index highlights challenges for bis at work

This year’s Stonewall Workplace Equality Index makes for interesting reading. The report is based on monitoring of employers’ work on LGBT inclusion and representation, and a parallel survey completed by some 91,000 employees at companies and organisations. It’s important when reading the results to remember that it reflects around 400 workplaces which are actively working to be more inclusive and […]

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Biggins’ Bigotry OK by OFCOM

Media regulator OFCOM have today rejected complaints that were made about the Celebrity Big Brother programme where Christopher Biggins’ biphobic comments were made. Some 44 individual complaints had been registered earlier this year. In their ruling, the regulators declared that they had “investigated whether a discussion between Christopher Biggins and Renee Graziano about the sexual orientation of bisexual people was […]

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Complaints Prompt Ofcom Action on Biggins

Broadcasting regulator OFCOM have announced they are investigating Christopher Biggins’ biphobic comments on Celebrity Big Brother following viewer complaints. Some 20 complaints were recorded by the regulator about his comments made nearly two months ago. Biggins had declared that bisexuals ought to “pick a team” and “the worst type” of people; explaining bisexuality as, “what it is, is people not […]

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“Tackling Hate Crime” Guide Highlights Biphobia

A set of new resources on tackling hate crime includes a welcome publication on addressing biphobia and biphobic hate crime. It’s been produced by a network of LGBT organisations including the bisexuality research and theory group BiUK. It’s downloadable here. Aimed at service providers such as local police services, the report notes: Service providers should treatany criminal offence or non-criminal […]

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Bi At School in 2016

25% of bisexual pupils and former school pupils report self harming regularly as a result of bullying, while another 7% self-harmed once. A new report from the Time for Inclusive Education campaign explores LGBT experience of schools in Scotland among current pupils and those who have recently left. It’s based on two surveys – one of pupils, the other of […]

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