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Bisexuality and (Inter)National Research Frontiers

There was BiReCon, the UK bisexuality research & academia conference.  Then there was BiReConUSA, its American sister conference.  And this summer will see the first European Bisexual Research Conference – EuroBiReCon. It’s a conference for anyone with an interest in contributing to, or finding out about, current work on bisexuality.  The aim is to bring together academics, professionals, activists, and […]

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Getting Engaged Talking with LGbT organisations

BiReCon is a one day event of day of workshops, presentations, research seminars and activities organised by BiUK and the BiCon 2008 organising team.  It will be held as an extra day alongside BiCon, the day before BiCon itself gets started. Its aim is to provide opportunities to: * Find out about key issues affecting bi people in the UK […]

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