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Final vote on Civil Partnership equality?


The House of Commons is set to vote one last time on reforming Civil Partnerships tomorrow as the first item of business of the day. The third reading of the Civil Partnerships, Marriages And Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill will not bring about change immediately, but if passed – as it looks certain to be – it will bring mixed-gender civil […]

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Reaching from B to P

Pansexuality, pan, pansexuals: I’ve seen the flags and ran into more people, particularly younger people, who call themselves pansexual rather than bisexual. I’ve also read the annoying articles stating bi people are all into gender binaries and not loving people of many genders or regardless or gender. I welcome more media coverage and expression about sexualities other than gay or […]

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Twitter rolls back #bisexual ban

Twitter have reversed the block on image and video content for hashtags such as #bisexual. In a statement they tweeted from the official support account they said: “Late last week, we discovered a technical issue that affected search results: searches for certain words related to sexuality did not populate complete results. We apologize for anyone negatively impacted by this bug. […]

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