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A new twist on blood donation

Around the world countries have been wrestling with blood donation regulations for the last few years. Lifetime bans on bi and gay men donating blood were widely introduced in the 1980s in response to the first cases of HIV/AIDS, and have come to be seen as discriminatory as the intial panic calmed down, and treatments and detection improved. But incidence […]

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Easier Blood Donation

At the start of December the deferral blood donation period for men who have sex with men was reduced from 12 months to three months. The change also affects their female partners, who were previously subject to a bar lasting more than 12 months but which is now cut to the same 3 month window. It’s been brought forward sooner […]

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Blood ban reform: France Delivers

France has ended its lifetime ban on men who have sex with men donating blood. Reform of the blood ban was part of President Hollande’s election platform. As in the UK and USA, there will be a 12 month bar from blood donation, so if you’ve had sex with another man in the past year you cannot donate blood. That […]

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Northern Ireland’s blood ban to fall

The complete ban in Northern Ireland on bisexual and gay men and their partners donating blood is to end. As a consequence of the recent Stormont Assembly elections, there has been a change in which party has which minister in the coalition government there. The elections saw small shifts between the political groupings that might not have been enough to […]

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Petition challenges blood ban


A new petition on the government’s public petition website calls for the lifting of “the ban on gay and bisexual men from donating blood whilst sexually active”. Joseph Shaw’s petition, here, notes that In the UK*, men who engage in sexual acts with other men are banned from donating blood, unless they do not engage in these acts for a […]

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