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Can a person enjoy sex for it’s own sake with whomever they please, be they male or female, yet be only capable of having emotional relationships or falling in love with a similarly gendered mate? Let’s get one thing straight, no pun intended, from the off. I’m new to this. If you’d have called me bisexual a year ago, I […]

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Diary of a Crap Lesbian

Not to put to fine a point on it, but this column is supposed to be about me. It is supposed to chronicle my attempts at a love/sex life and, hopefully, reassure you that you’re not as neurotic as me. Subscribers may have noticed that recently it hasn’t been. This is largely because I am actually quite dull. Bluntly – […]

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Diary of a crap lesbian: phase?

Let me take you to Bradford, February 2001. There is a pub, a rainbow flag hanging over the door. Inside, on this Thursday night, sits a group of seven girls. Among them is a spiky haired, plastic bejewelled, seventeen-year-old dyke. Wave, you know her. Beside her is a spiky haired, plastic bejewelled sixteen-year-old dyke. All of them the same; sixteen, […]

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