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Twitter rolls back #bisexual ban

Twitter have reversed the block on image and video content for hashtags such as #bisexual. In a statement they tweeted from the official support account they said: “Late last week, we discovered a technical issue that affected search results: searches for certain words related to sexuality did not populate complete results. We apologize for anyone negatively impacted by this bug. […]

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Twitter’s Bi Ban: Sign the Petition

There’s now a petition challenging twitter’s block on the #bisexual search term. Sign it here. The petition reads, As of the weekend of November 4th, 2017, Twitter’s picture, video and news search now block #bisexual and related terms – even with safe search filters turned off. Bisexual support is among the hardest to find for LGBT people – and many […]

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Twitter photo-blocks #bisexual

Twitter has blocked the word bisexual as a term on its photo-search facility. The peculiar move doesn’t affect related or similar terms such as pansexual or transsexual – so it’s not the “sex” causing the problem. Bi Community News editor Jen Yockney MBE commented, “This is a peculiar retrograde step, just when we thought we’d got over this kind of […]

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