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It Gets Better: Amber Heard

Bisexual actress Amber Heard has talked about coming out to her parents as part of a panel discussion at the SXSW film & media conference in the USA. Amber gave a high profile and powerful coming-out speech at the GLAAD quarter-century celebration in 2010. GLAAD is a USA queer campaigns group simiiar to Stonewall in the UK. Her story is […]

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Catwoman too?

Hot on the heels of Clarke in The 100 being revealed as bisexual, we get another bi woman in sci-fi with Catwoman slyly coming out as bisexual in the latest edition of the DC comic. The geekier end of social media has been abuzz with it ever since – not least this poster from the people behind the Bisexual Recruitment […]

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Breaking through: The 100’s first bi

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi show The 100 has gained its first out bisexual character – with the tease that others could easily follow. Leader of the survivors of the 100-strong landing party that return to Earth, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) kissed another woman in this week’s episode. The show’s Creator/Executive Producer Jason Rothenburg didn’t leave the fan base to speculate too long, […]

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