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Survey wants your views on Biphobic Hate Crime

A research project supported by GALOP is looking at people’s experiences of hate crimes against LGBTI people. The intention is to improve work responding to biphobic hate incidents by improving police awareness on how bi (and other LGBTI) people would like the police to respond. The survey is here. Nick Antjoule, the Hate Crime Manager from GALOP told us, “Everyone […]

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“Tackling Hate Crime” Guide Highlights Biphobia

A set of new resources on tackling hate crime includes a welcome publication on addressing biphobia and biphobic hate crime. It’s been produced by a network of LGBT organisations including the bisexuality research and theory group BiUK. It’s downloadable here. Aimed at service providers such as local police services, the report notes: Service providers should treatany criminal offence or non-criminal […]

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Reporting biphobic hate

This week’s stories about a biphobic hate incident at a festival in Cardiff being poorly handled by the council’s stewarding team highlight how difficult reporting biphobic hate can be. One of the women at the centre of the so-called “lesbian kiss” furore told BCN yesterday, “We weren’t even snogging, it was literally a couple of pecks on the lips while […]

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