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BiMate: Marcus Morgan

Which Olympic sport (current or wished for) could you represent your country in? Hmm… The 100 Metres Freestyle Synchronised Plene. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’ll explain later… What’s the best collective noun for bisexuals? Why, a “bitch of bisexuals” of course… What’s your favourite film? Well, I don’t have a single favourite. I have two: […]

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BiMate: Jade Fruut

Take a seat and introduce yourself Jade runs www.fruut.com*, a very popular website devoted to bisexual women. As well as a free area, passwords to the section with the rude pictures can be obtained by a (short) call to a premium rate number. Which Olympic sport (current or wished for) could you represent your country in? Motor Racing, I was […]

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BiMate: Jen Yockney

Jen was one of the winners of the Cake Awards at BiCon 2002. Take a seat and introduce yourself. In the 1990s, Jen Yockney overheard a critic describe her as “leader of the bisexual liberation army”. It only encouraged her. She came out aged 16 but it took until she was 21 to actually find some other bisexuals. In which […]

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BiMate: Meg

Take a seat and introduce yourself. Hello, I’m Meg. I’ve been out in varying degrees as bisexual since my mid teens but more definitely so after attending my first BiCon in 1997 (after meeting Grant Denkinson who has a lot to answer for!) I didn’t go back again for a few years but my sister dragged me along in 2002 […]

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BiMate: Trish

Trish has been around the UK bi scene for longer than almost anyone – her first BiCon was in 1991 in London, soon after joining London Bi Group. Bi, poly and involved in sexual freedom campaigns like Countdown on Spanner, a lot of her activism has been crossing the boundaries between those identities – perhaps definitively when running a poly […]

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BiMate: Grant Denkinson

This month’s BiMate is Cake Award winner and onetime BCN editor, Grant Denkinson – pictured at a canalside during a break at the Birmingham Bi Activist weekend. Take a seat and introduce yourself. I call myself Grant Denkinson. About 10 years ago I started thinking of myself as bisexual, decided I really liked SM, started exploring polyamory and was welcomed […]

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