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Scottish party leaders unite in apology

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The leaders of all five parties in the Scottish Parliament have spoken out today as the Parliament moved to quash past offences where the person convicted would not have committed a crime if it were not for homophobic and biphobic laws. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP began with a statement offering apology to those convicted for same-sex sexual activity that […]

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“Turing” Pardons for Scotland?

The Scottish Government have announced that they will introduce a bill to pardon people convicted of the historical discriminatory ‘homosexual’ offences. The Historical Sexual Offences (Pardons and Disregards) (Scotland) Bill follows similar legislation for Wales and England, pioneered by Manchester MP John Leech which became part of the 2017 Policing and Crime Act. This built on the pardon given to […]

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How Laws Change (LGBT) Lives


The UK Parliament has made a series of three short videos about the effects of legislative changes on LGBT people. They’re on YouTube as part of the official, non-party-political, parliament channel. The films are part of an ongoing education programme to help the wider community understand how parliament and legislation work, which has been spurred on by House of Commons […]

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£120m to fix pension discrimination

The Supreme Court has ruled that pensions which discriminate against same-sex spouses are wrong – and it’s going to cost £120m to fix. The 2010 Equality Act included a clause allowing employers to discriminate against same-sex couples, by letting employers treat employees who began employment prior to the 2005 Civil Partnerships Act differently in pension provision. The judgement in the […]

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Digital Bill Fingers Porn

As the election got called the new Digital Economy Bill was working its way through its final stages in the Lords. This throws the bill into doubt but many readers may be interested in (and some affected by) the changes on regulation of online pornography which an incoming government is likely to return to. The Bill sought to make things […]

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Historic Offences Go

The “Turing Pardon” has today been extended to thousands more bisexual and gay men. A clause added to the Policing and Crime Bill, which received Royal Assent today. An estimated 49,000 people who died with convictions under homophobic laws are now automatically pardoned of those offences. It may be viewed for them as largely symbolic, and was acheived through first […]

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Northern Ireland to pass Turing Law too?

The Northern Ireland Justice Minister has announced that the upcoming pardon for historic sexual offences known as the “Turing Law” may be extended to cover Northern Ireland. Claire Sugden MLA, the Justice Minister in the six counties, said: “Pardon arrangements should be brought to Northern Ireland as soon as possible to ensure that there is equal treatment for gay and […]

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