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Meet other bis! 23 – 29 March

Want to get out and meet some other bis? It’s the end of the month which tends to be quiet – and its’s quieter than usual with just the three meetups this week. Leicester bis are having a social evening to meet and chat on Wednesday 25th March from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Leicester LGBT Centre, 15 Wellington Street, […]

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Meet the bis! March 9-15 2015

Want some bi-mates? There are lots of bi meetups going on around the country – in Bristol, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Colchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Brighton and Manchester – with something fresh every day this week. Monday is Bristol BiVisible’s regular coffee meet at Cafe Kino on Stoke’s Croft from 7pm: spot the bis by looking for the purple teapot. Tuesday evening […]

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2015: Bis of Colour Meet Again

It’s always a delight to report on new bi meeting groups forming around the country.  This year kicked off with the first Stratford Circus (London) meeting for Bisexuals of Colour. Bisexuals Of Colour launched following a BiCon and they have been working away for about five years now organising workshops, speakers, Pride stalls, safe space flats at BiCons and more […]

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