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Conversion Day!

For civil-partnered couples in Wales and England today (Wednesday 10th December) is a key date – from today Civil Partnerships can be legally converted to marriage. BCN Editor Jen Yockney writes: For a decade Civil Partnerships have been the “separate but equal” excuse for the gender restrictions on marriage – that wasn’t equal in either name or detail. Now as […]

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Finland joins the marriage club

Finland has just voted to legalise same-sex marriage, making it the 12th European country to do so. It passed by 105 votes to 92, some twelve years on from the introduction of same-sex civil partnerships in Finnish law. “Finland should strive to become a society where discrimination does not exist, human rights are respected and two adults can marry regardless of their sexual […]

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Scotland sets date for first weddings

The Scottish Government has at last announced the date for the first same-sex marriage ceremonies in Scotland: 31st December 2014! Earlier in the year it had been suggested that the first ceremonies would be in September but that has slipped; perhaps a matter of national pride wouldn’t let it slide into a different year.  Same-sex marriage will be legal in […]

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Yes to same-sex marriage: whither civil partnership?

The Scottish Parliament has passed the Same-Sex Marriage (Scotland) Bill by a huge 108 to 15 vote margin at the start of February.  The vote to pass the bill at third and final reading was not unexpected as the previous stages had also passed by significant margins. The Scottish bill is different in a few respects including lacking the ‘spousal […]

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Eloping from Gretna?

For a while it looked like Scotland would introduce same-sex marriage before England and Wales.  We’d see queer couples flocking across the border to Gretna Green to marry.  As things worked out Westminster voted back in the summer, while the first vote in the Holyrood Parliament didn’t come until November 20th. This isn’t where it all started though.  In June, […]

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