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Getting Freshers

Lucy Brookes is bisexual rep for the University of Birmingham guild of students LGBT association, and has just been elected as women’s place bi rep for the NUS LGBT campaign committee. She is replacing Bethan Griffiths in this position, who has recently been elected bi rep for the NUS women’s campaign committee. They’re both active in wider LGBT rights campaigns, […]

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Student Update

Congratulations to Bethan Griffiths who follows on from Shaz Stacey as the bisexual officer of the NUS national women’s campaign for the next twelve months. Bethan was interviewed in BCN a few issues ago through her previous role as the bisexual women’s officer of the NUS LGBT campaign (a subtly different position that sounds very similar to outsiders!) so at […]

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NUS News

NUS LGBT conference – it has all the potential of being an exciting liberating event full of dynamic creative decisions & action, but in the end it’s just a large number of queer students arguing in ever decreasing circles in steadily rising voices, all in an underheated sports hall. This was my sixth, so I should know! The event is […]

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