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Government dodges question on bis and asylum

The Minister of State for the Home Office in the House of Lords dodged the question in the House of Lords yesterday when quizzed about the government’s record on LGBT asylum seekers. Lib Dem peer Baroness Barker presented a written question – one where the minister can research the answer in advance and so should be better able to respond […]

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How Laws Change (LGBT) Lives


The UK Parliament has made a series of three short videos about the effects of legislative changes on LGBT people. They’re on YouTube as part of the official, non-party-political, parliament channel. The films are part of an ongoing education programme to help the wider community understand how parliament and legislation work, which has been spurred on by House of Commons […]

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Historic Offences Go

The “Turing Pardon” has today been extended to thousands more bisexual and gay men. A clause added to the Policing and Crime Bill, which received Royal Assent today. An estimated 49,000 people who died with convictions under homophobic laws are now automatically pardoned of those offences. It may be viewed for them as largely symbolic, and was acheived through first […]

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Commons debates bi, gay & trans youth

Yesterday the House of Commons held a short debate on the experiences of bisexual, trans and gay young people, and what the government is doing to improve (or not) things for them. Equality minister Nicky Morgan referred to the £2m committed under the last government to work tackling biphobia, transphobia and homophobia in schools – now supplemented by a further […]

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LGBTI rights abroad: Government to declare position by Christmas

In response to a question in the House of Lords yesterday, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development Baroness Verma promised to clarify the UK’s stance on LGBTI rights abroad following the United Nations’ declaration on sustainable development two months ago She said, “The Global Goals for Sustainable Development offer a historic opportunity to eradicate extreme poverty and ensure no […]

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