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MSPs to talk LGBT for the night

Scottish flag

The Scottish Parliament elections are coming up at the start of May and this Thursday sees an LGBT+ hustings in Edinburgh. The organisers say, “Scotland has come a long way for LGBT equality, but we must not be complacent. Whoever forms the next Scottish Government needs to do more to ensure that LGBT people all across Scotland are safe, respected […]

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“Bi Do”: Bisexuals and Marriage

Getting the marriage we want out of the consultation Most BCN readers will have heard by now that the government has launched its consultation on same-sex civil marriage.  Civil partnerships and marriage are being treated separately but both are facing changes: the first religious venues have now been licensed to host same-sex civil partnerships, while in Scotland and in England […]

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The Dying Days of Clause 28?

The removal of ‘Section 28’ reached an important stage in mid February when a Commons committee agreed that it should be repealed. The amendment to the Local Government Bill was tabled by MPs from all three parties, including Edward Davey (Lib Dem), Kali Mountford (Lab) and John Bercow (Cons) and was passed in this morning’s committee meeting, after a surprisingly […]

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Bisexual Democrats?

The Liberal Democrats. Not generally the bunch of people you’d normally associate with sleazy scandals, fluid sexuality and interesting sexual practices, but that’s exactly what we got last month during the Lib Dem leadership contest. Whoever said that politics was boring? On the 21st January, new broke that leadership candidate, Home Affairs spokesman, and married family man Mark Oaten had, […]

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This Election Thing

Since the 1997 election many areas of law affecting LGBT people have changed: lifting the military ban, equalising the age of consent, abolishing section 28, improved immigration rights for partners, the introduction of civil partnerships, employment rights and protection at work for LGB people (and to a lesser degree for trans people), and an overhaul of the sex offences laws. […]

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