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Can a person enjoy sex for it’s own sake with whomever they please, be they male or female, yet be only capable of having emotional relationships or falling in love with a similarly gendered mate? Let’s get one thing straight, no pun intended, from the off. I’m new to this. If you’d have called me bisexual a year ago, I […]

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Love & Friendship

I’ve been thinking a lot about love and friendship lately. I think one of the taken-for-granted rules that many of us have is that lovers and friends are two very different categories of people, who we should expect different things of and treat very differently. This distinction is reinforced all around us. We don’t have legal or religious ceremonies to […]

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Flirting 101

The first issue that I want to cover in this column is flirting. I wound up helping to organise two workshops on this topic at this BiCon 2003, probably because I have such a reputation as an outrageous flirt myself. Both sessions attracted a huge turn out and I was surprised that several of those who attended were people I’d […]

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M’s Bi Sex & The City

Hello and welcome to the new relationship column of BCN. Following the success of the various relationship-skills and sex-skills workshops at the most recent BiCon I thought I’d start a regular section covering this from a bi perspective. Each edition I’m planning to deal with a different issue, for example: meeting people, flirting, managing various types of relationship, dealing with […]

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Diary of a Crap Lesbian

Not to put to fine a point on it, but this column is supposed to be about me. It is supposed to chronicle my attempts at a love/sex life and, hopefully, reassure you that you’re not as neurotic as me. Subscribers may have noticed that recently it hasn’t been. This is largely because I am actually quite dull. Bluntly – […]

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