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BiCrushing: Theory and Reality

A man asked me for a threesome with him and his girlfriend once. Really. And do you know what? I said no. I know, I know: what kind of idiot habitually complains about her unluckiness in love and turns down two opportunities at once? Well, bear with me. As all my columns so far have described the kind of people […]

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BiCrushing: Just In Case…

There’s a bit in Nick Hornby’s About A Boy which describes how Will (the implausible trust-funded bachelor played by Hugh Grant in the film adaptation) once volunteered to work in a soup kitchen, and although he never reported for duty, the phone call had allowed him to pretend briefly that he was the kind of guy who might. In a […]

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BiCrushing: Distractions

Midnight in July, chez Maxine. I’m off to bed, and tonight’s choice of suitably downtempo bedtime music is Suzanne Vega.  Not particularly hip I know, but give the woman some credit: even after twenty years in the business she sounds fresher and more exciting than the half-her-age Katie Melua, and besides, my Amazon copy of the new album from bang-on-the-pulse […]

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BiCrushing: Prove it…

A watched pot, as Welsh stadium rockers The Stereophonics once blandly observed as though they were the first, never boils. By a similar token, a teenager who makes a concerted effort to come across well to other people never does, and realises later on that she gives out by far the best impression of herself when she’s not actually trying […]

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