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Diary of a crap lesbian: phase?

Let me take you to Bradford, February 2001. There is a pub, a rainbow flag hanging over the door. Inside, on this Thursday night, sits a group of seven girls. Among them is a spiky haired, plastic bejewelled, seventeen-year-old dyke. Wave, you know her. Beside her is a spiky haired, plastic bejewelled sixteen-year-old dyke. All of them the same; sixteen, […]

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Take two maligned, misunderstood, yet somehow mutually-exclusive seeming social categories, mould them together and you have the bisexual virgin. In many circles, being bi and sexually inexperienced – if it’s even acknowledged as possible – is considered a no-brainer: the equivalent, if you like, of those lottery winners who declare they’re going to give it all to Battersea Dogs Home […]

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I Love My Prejudiced Friends, I Just Don’t Want Them Having Newspaper Columns

Diary of a ‘crap lesbian’ part seven… Usually, I’m all for journalistic impartiality. In this case I must however say this : Lowri Turner – what a bitch. Since it’s not entirely possible to rip its author apart piece by piece, I shall instead do the same to her recently published piece, ‘However Much I Love My Gay Friends, I […]

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Perfect Imperfect

The past week has been a Rainbow week for me. You might not be old enough to remember the original kid’s programme with Geoffrey, Bungle and co but I’m guessing that you’re at least somewhat familiar after all the retro nostalgia trips of recent years. In each episode of the show there was a running theme which permeated the overall […]

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Opening the Ex-Files

I don’t know whether you were aware of it or not but the 3rd of November marks a very important event in the calendar: it is international ex day. Well at least it was for me this year. I finally made a date to meet up with the partner I was with for the longest (he of the appallingly tough […]

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