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Snakes & Conflict

I recently wrote this piece on my live-journal, but after the issue of conflict in relationships came up in my last article for BCN I decided that it might be helpful to share with you all here. There’s a section in my favourite book, ‘Buddhism without Beliefs’, which I haven’t really understood up until now. The other day I was […]

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Living Together

Well I’ve done it. I am, once more, a co-habitee, house-mate with benefits, live-in-lover, call it what you will. After a year and a half of having a room or flat of my own I’m now sharing with a partner again. I’ve spent the last few weeks amalgamating and alphabetising videos, books and CDs, whilst G has been covering frightening […]

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One Is Fun?

Confronting the taboos of masturbation Perhaps my favourite quote from my hero, Woody Allen, is his famous line ‘don’t knock masturbation – it’s sex with someone I love’. However, masturbation is something that people do knock regularly. It is seen as being somehow less than sex between two people, not remotely as pleasurable or fulfilling. To be overheard having sex […]

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