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Research: Bi people targets for ‘revenge porn’

New research from the USA suggests that bisexual, lesbian and gay people are four times more likely to be the victims of ‘revenge porn’ than heterosexual people are. A report from the Center for Innovative Public Health Research suggests 1 in 25 internet users in the USA have been a victim of revenge porn – a surprisingly high figure. The […]

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More young bis boost LGB numbers

The ONS’ annual Household Survey statistics out this week reveal a growing proportion of young people identifying as bisexual, lesbian or gay – and the big boost is in the “B”. 3.3% of people aged between 16 and 24 identified as LGB in 2015, up from 2.8% in 2014. That 0.5% hike reflects a growth from 1.3% to 1.8% identifying […]

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Are public sector cuts affecting you?

There’s just over a week left to give your views on the effects of public sector spending reductions for LGB&T people! Trade union Unison are conducting research and want to hear your views on reductions to public spending for LGB&T people and LGB&T service providers. Have they had any impact on services for bi people? You can participate via an […]

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Bi… In Theory

The first Europe-wide conference focused on bisexuality research and theory kicks off tomorrow in Amsterdam. EuroBiReCon (European Bisexuality Research Conferece) follows in the footsteps of the UK’s BiReCon events which have run since 2008 on alternate years. The model has been picked up elsewhere with BiReConUSA in the United States offering a similar programme of research engagement across the pond. […]

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Bisexuality and (Inter)National Research Frontiers

There was BiReCon, the UK bisexuality research & academia conference.  Then there was BiReConUSA, its American sister conference.  And this summer will see the first European Bisexual Research Conference – EuroBiReCon. It’s a conference for anyone with an interest in contributing to, or finding out about, current work on bisexuality.  The aim is to bring together academics, professionals, activists, and […]

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More Bi Stats

A new report in the American Journal of Public Health found that Canadians who identify as bisexual report the highest rates of mood and anxiety disorders and heavy drinking compared to any other group.  And as with UK and USA research, when you look at bisexuals separately you find that the “lumpy” data produced when lesbian, gay and bi people […]

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