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Getting Bi Research Right: Guidelines

Guidelines for Researching and Writing on Bisexuality By Meg Barker, Jen Yockney, Christina Richards, Rebecca Jones, Helen Bowes-Catton and Tracey Plowman (of BiUK and Bi Community News) With gratitude to Jacob Hale for the suggested rules for writing about trans from which some of these points were adapted.   1.    Separate out bisexuals: If you are researching or writing about […]

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Research Update!

On Helen’s Lego/Plasticine workshops and photo study. As part of my research into people’s experiences of BiCon, last year I ran three workshops in which people were asked to make models in Lego and/or Plasticine of their experiences of BiCon, and talk about what they showed. The workshops were tape-recorded, and photos taken of the models people made, and analysis […]

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Letters: Bi & Christian

Hi, my name is Alex Toft – a research student from The University of Nottingham, where I am currently studying for my PhD, which is being funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). I’m writing to introduce you to my research and to invite you to take part.  In recent years there has been a surge in research […]

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Getting Engaged Talking with LGbT organisations

BiReCon is a one day event of day of workshops, presentations, research seminars and activities organised by BiUK and the BiCon 2008 organising team.  It will be held as an extra day alongside BiCon, the day before BiCon itself gets started. Its aim is to provide opportunities to: * Find out about key issues affecting bi people in the UK […]

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What did they tell us? Stonewall’s “Serving You Right”

Last issue, Sue George reported on Stonewall’s latest bi-marginalising report.  But apart from that Britain’s biggest LGB lobbying organisation still don’t get it, what else does “Serves You Right” tell us? As someone who was interviewed for it, I have to say that the published survey was a little peculiar.  Whilst the survey began with checking whether respondents were lesbian, […]

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Bisexuals in Space!

What’s it like to be bi in everyday life?  What’s it like to be bi at BiCon? I’m Helen Bowes-Catton and I’m conducting research into bi people’s experiences of bisexuality as an identity. I’m interestedin what it’s like to be bi in everyday life, and also in the ways that people experience their identities in bi spaces like BiCon and […]

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