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Bi Books

A sudden rush of bisexual publications over recent months – with many more to follow – might be stretching your financial resources. “Which ones should I buy ? ” we hear you ask. Have no fear, BCN takes you through the creme de la creme and the cream of the crap. Bisexual Horizons: politics, histories, lives Edited by Sharon Rose, […]

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Film & Book Reviews

Virtually irrelevant? A review of Virtually Normal – an argument about homosexuality by Andrew Sullivan. (Picador, £14.99). This book really annoys me. Sullivan has a modesty problem: “The most comprehensive, concise and moving argument yet written on this subject, this book is a modern classic of political and moral reasoning. A turning point in our society’s discussion of homosexuality, it […]

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Review: A Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly Kiss (dir. Michael Winterbottom) So you heard this was a lesbian-murderers-on-the-run copy of Thelma and Louise, Fun and Heavenly Creatures? Well, maybe – but let me guess, in the casual throwing around of the L-word none of the reviews mentioned that Eunice (Amanda Plummer), who drags naive Miriam (Saskia Reeves) on a murder-spree across the North of England, is […]

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