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BiMediaWatch: April 2018

Will and Grace returned after a hiatus of 12 years, and the last few episodes are available on Channel 4’s 4od player. The show about the friendships between two inexplicably wealthy gay men and two similarly successful straight women had three episodes with bi themes in a row. Both Grace and Will discover they are dating the same guy, who […]

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Riverdale’s Bi Blossom

Another Riverdale character has come out. Well, after a fashion… Last year Toni Topaz came out as bi – landing actress Vanessa Morgan as a BCN coverbi. Yesterday Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, outed Cheryl on her YouTube channel. “She doesn’t understand feelings very well, and I think she’s mucking up a friendship with romantic feelings, because she’s never […]

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BiMediaWatch October 2017: Legends of Tomorrow, Riverdale & Thor

Thor-ny Question The relentless run of comics being turned into films continues, and Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok (out October 27) is bisexual – though it feels a bit like when J K Rowling declared Dumbledore was gay after the last Harry Potter book was long since published. We only know about Valkyrie thanks to a tweet from the actress involved: […]

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