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May: “I would vote differently” on LGBT now

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, spoke at a Pride reception in Downing Street to celebrate the contribution that lesbian, gay, bi and trans people make to the UK yesterday. Her remarks were peppered with the L, G and T of LGBT but there was less reference to bisexual people and biphobia did not get named alongside homophobia and transphobia. Acknowledging […]

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Fighting Section 28 in Scotland

I arrived in Scotland from New Zealand in March 1997, and soon after woke up to headlines saying “No Tory Seats in Scotland”. So, I never had a lot of experience with living as a bisexual in Tory Britain. Then came the referendum and devolution – I stayed up all night to watch the results. My mother, a Scot, said […]

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The End of Section 28

The legendary Section 28 is finally gone.  BCN asked Scottish bisexuals – who have been free of it for some time – about life after “the clause”. Going… Going… Scotland, 2000AD.  The 15 to 20% of the general population who were, on a daily basis, directly affected by this evil and bigoted legislation had been promised its removal by the […]

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