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Is being bisexual ruining your life?

OK, I admit it, it’s a provocative headline. But the latest number crunching from the Office for National Statistics says that lesbian, gay and bi people rate their ‘quality of life’ as lower than the population at large do. They find that “People who identified as bisexual had the biggest well-being gap, reporting significantly higher levels of anxiety than any […]

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Another Bi Boost

The latest statistics from ONS once again show more people identifying as bisexual – and again it’s a generational shift with younger people less likely to identify as straight. Emily Knipe, of the Population Statistics Division at the Office for National Statistics, says of the new figures: “In 2016, around 2% of the population identified themselves as lesbian, gay or […]

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Bi/Gay Divide

New research from USA campaign group GLAAD highlights an age gap in how many people know a bisexual person – and it stands in stark contrast to a remarkable degree of consistency in how many people say they know a gay or lesbian person across the generations. The survey conducted by pollsters Harris on November 2-4, 2016 asked 2,037 adults […]

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White Wedding?

The arrival of same-sex marriage for England and Wales opened up marriage to people who had never married before. According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2014, of all individuals marrying a same sex partner 85% were forming their first legally recognised partnership compared with 76% for mixed-sex couples. So of the 5,000 same-sex marriages that year some 4,000 […]

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Public Health England Explores LGB Stats

Public Health England has published a review of estimates of the number of bisexual, lesbian and gay people in the country. They find the LGB population of England to be somewhere between 1.3m and 3.2m people. Previously government’s best estimate was the 6% which the Department of Trade and Industry concocted in 2003 and was used in planning for the […]

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More people “owning the label”

New Gallup research from the USA says that more people are identifying as bisexual, transgender, gay or lesbian than ever before. In a survey finding that most likely reflects people being more able to be open to themselves and to others about their feelings and attractions, Gallup finds the LGBT population of the USA to have reached 10 million people […]

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