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Bi Research Group – Future Directions

Meg and Ange on behalf of BiBlio, the bi research group The Bi Research Group (or BiBlio, as its yahoo group is called) is a growing group of people who are interested in conducting research about bisexuality. A few of us are academics who research bisexuality as part of our postgraduate or other studies. The rest of us are an […]

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Considering Kinsey

In April 2005 I was having a pretty tough time. A paper that my partner and I had presented at a conference on our research with polyamorous women had proved very interesting to the press and had prompted articles in nearly all the national newspapers as well as international ones. Most of these referred to my own personal bisexual polyamorous […]

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What’s Psychology Got To Do With It?

When our bi group got a letter from the British Psychological Society inviting us to come along to their annual conference I did wonder ‘what has psychology got to do with bisexuality and why should they be bothering to invite people like me to their big conference?’ But then I figured it was free, had a “lesbian and gay” thread, […]

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Bi Academics at BiCon

At Manchester BiCon we put aside a whole afternoon for discussion of things academic and bisexual. By the time Sunday afternoon came around Alessandra (my co-facilitator) and I were less certain that this was a good idea, suffering as we were from the after-effects of the night before. We decided to suggest a shorter session followed by informal chat in […]

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Analysing Activism

When the frenzy of BiCon died down, we caught up with author Surya Monro and asked about her forthcoming book. I started work on this book back in the 1990s, when I was attempting to do a PhD on trans politics, and not long before I came out (for the second time) as bi. My first interest was the way […]

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